We aim to meet the needs of all our clients
COMEFICA provides 2 pricing plans for its eLAO software

  1. eLAO for individuals, hosted on our own server

    Test access codes are valid for 12 months and priced according to individual use.
    Client-control distribution : the manager sends access codes to candidates and controls the results using the reporting tool.
    Our offer
    – 1 access code = 1 test = 1 language of choice = 1 candidate
    – each code makes it possible to carry out one test in one of the 5 target languages (Fr, NL, En, Es, De)
    – we can create undifferentiated codes
    or we can use your own codes (for example: candidate/ student identifiers) (option)
    target languages combinations : “General language” and/or “General language + Business language”
    – each candidate can see his or her results (option)
    – managers can view the results in the reporting tool once a test has been carried out
    – separate accounts (departments, branches, countries, etc.) can be used by your manager(s) (option)
    Unit prices are decreasing, up to 1 euro by test.
  2. Several entities can choose to jointly perchase access codes
    to benefit from our decreasing sliding scale pricings.

    Each entity will benefit from a private management of its own tests and reports thanks to the creation of customized “workgroups”.


You are a training manager
in a company, an administration, a training center.
You are responsible for education in a school, a university,
please “Contact us” and ask for a free trial of eLAO and its reporting tool