Language placement test
our flagship product for over 15 years


Language placement test
Language assessment test

eLAO is a language placement test
whose particularity is to be at one and the same time
accurate, fast and objective.

eLAO is based on an “adaptable” concept :
the automatic adaptation of the level of questions

eLAO makes your linguistic assessment as quick and efficient as possible!
By seamlessly and automatically adapting the questions in response to the answers you provide, eLAO considerably reduces the time necessary to evaluate your level, while guaranteeing a reliable result.
The questions are never too easy or too difficult. eLAO selects a limited number of questions from among over 800 incorporated in the system for each language.
Your skills are evaluated in different modules: grammatical structures, active and passive vocabulary, listening comprehension
eLAO can be hosted on our Web server or installed on the client’s premises
6 target languages : French, Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Italian
(the language of instructions is chosen on entry)

Language skills assessment

The skills areas targeted are 
General active vocabulary
General passive vocabulary
Active professional vocabulary (option)
Passive professional vocabulary (option)
The active grasp of grammatical structures
Listening comprehension
Management tool
Needs analysis (option)
Feedback for the attention of the candidates following their entry :
no feedback
feedback on the level reached in each module and what it signifies in terms of skills
feedback on the questions for which an incorrect answer was given

Reporting Tool
for the attention of the training manager, teachers, …

eLAO assessment, maintenance, printing

eLAO’s finely analysis skills within each level

Example of detailed results proficiency :
B1 (0) : very basic proficiency of level B1
B1 (25) : basic proficiency of level B1
B1 (50) : intermediate proficiency of level B1
B1 (75) : very good command of level B1
… printing detailed results / transfer of information to an Excel file



Our complementary service to eLAO

PhoneTest is a sophisticated voice mail server which is used to perform asynchronous oral skills testing.
The candidate answers to questions through a simple telephone line  – his answers are stored on our server and evaluated by a team of experts / trainers.
The client receives a detailed summary of the IDs tested and a description of what the level represents in terms of communication skills.
See our article
PhoneTest, assessing speaking skills


More information

eLAO – Welcome

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eLAO functionalities and reporting tool


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