Language placement test
our flagship product for over 15 years

eLAO 2020 

Language placement test
Language assessment test

eLAO 2020 is a language placement test
whose particularity is to be at one and the same time
accurate, fast and objective.

eLAO is based on an “adaptable” concept :
the automatic adaptation of the level of questions

Reporting Tool
for the attention of the training manager, teachers, …

eLAO assessment, maintenance, printing

eLAO’s finely analysis skills within each level

Example of detailed results proficiency :
B1 (0) : very basic proficiency of level B1
B1 (25) : basic proficiency of level B1
B1 (50) : intermediate proficiency of level B1
B1 (75) : very good command of level B1
… printing detailed results / transfer of information to an Excel file



Our complementary service to eLAO 2020

PhoneTest is a sophisticated voice mail server which is used to perform asynchronous oral skills testing.
The candidate answers to questions through a simple telephone line  – his answers are stored on our server and evaluated by a team of experts / trainers.
The client receives a detailed summary of the IDs tested and a description of what the level represents in terms of communication skills.
See our article
PhoneTest, assessing speaking skills


More information

eLAO 2020 – Welcome

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eLAO functionalities and reporting tool


You are a training manager
in a company, an administration, a training center.
You are responsible for education in a school, a university,
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