eLAO – Language Placement and Assessment Tests – Key points

eLAO 2020

Language Placement and Assessment Test online

Key points

Time and money saving
At the level of the person assessed: reduction of the questioning time thanks to the automatic adapting of the
questions asked.
At the level of the examiner
limitation of their intervention to the simple analysis of the diagnosis (in the Reporting Tool), automatically established by eLAO.
Objectiveness – Placement test
The level of the people tested is determined in an objective, independent way. It is based on quantifiable
criteria defined by our team of trainers/educators.
Objectiveness – Assessment test
These criteria (levels of difficulty of the questions asked) are founded on lists of frequencies, experience of
over 20 years in the teaching of languages to adults and standardisation carried out over more than 30 000
Speed and exploitability
As all the data regarding the assessments are accessible in real time, this information can be used for a
targeted training course or immediate recruitment.
eLAO was calibrated over several thousand people who have also been assessed orally and whose results
have been used to refine the degree of accuracy of questions corresponding to their level.
What is more, thanks to the automatic generation of results, the software removes any risks of error due to
human intervention.
Easy to use and user-friendly, the software takes into account (among other things) ergonomic rules for the
presentation of information. The evolutionary character of the questions asked also gives eLAO a fun
Starting out from a partnership philosophy, eLAO is designed to be able to be adapted to the particularities
of each company. In addition to its databank containing more than 900 questions spread over 9 levels (or
ALTE, or any other grid that we can define according to your needs), specific vocabulary modules can be
developed to meet the requirements of a company, sector or activity area.


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