PhoneTest, assessing speaking skills


Assessing speaking skills


The system we use to test the speaking skills of candidates is called PhoneTest. It’s a sophisticated voice mail server which is used to perform asynchronous oral skills testing.
It works as follows :
The candidate dials in the voice mail server number 
He/she selects the language used to play the instructions (English,  French  or Dutch)
He/she enters a unique ID (used to identify the candidate)
He/she selects the language to be tested
After recording his/her first and last names, he/she gets 9 questions.
All answers are stored on our server and evaluated by our team of experts / trainers.
You receive a detailed summary of the IDs tested and their oral level, followed by a short summary of what the levels represent in terms of communication skills.
  PhoneTest is complementary to eLAO