Distance learning and Mix learning

Distance learning
Mix learning

We offer services and software dedicated to the concept of distance learning
e-learning contents, the evaluation of ability, the coaching of trainees

elao-language-placement-testeLAO – Language testing software to determine levels and to evaluate competence
Random questions adapt in real-time to the level of student answers > less time wasted, non repetitive review.
eLAO is ideal for training, for personnel recruitment Specific contents (other languages, skills) can be developed on request.
PhoneTest : voice mail server + teachers online.
More information : PhoneTest
Distribution of results, administration, consultation of results, integration in an LMS, can be configured entirely.

Distance learning and Mix learning : language classes by telephoneDistance learning :
Language classes by telephone
Organizations – Education sector
E-learning, e-coaching, live tutoring solutions. Placement, progress, and achievement tests.
Language classes by telephone

Conception of distance learning modulesConception of distance learning modules
Collaborative development : e-learning, serious games, quizzes, videos
Training Department
Training Organisation
SMESimplify your administrative management of Training and improve your business productivity
Large CompanyChoose a comprehensive and collaborative solution covering the entire training process
Training Centre : Increase your operations profitability and generate more business
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eLAO – Quiz Manager
Training Department Portal – Training Company Portal