Distance learning and Mix learning

Distance learning
Mix learning

We offer services and software dedicated to the concept of distance learning
e-learning contents, the evaluation of ability, the coaching of trainees

elao-language-placement-testeLAO – Language testing software to determine levels and to evaluate competence
Random questions adapt in real-time to the level of student answers > less time wasted, non repetitive review.
eLAO is ideal for training, for personnel recruitment Specific contents (other languages, skills) can be developed on request.
Distribution of results, administration, consultation of results, integration in an LMS, can be configured entirely.
4 commercial packages can meet all requirements.

Distance learning and Mix learning : language classes by telephoneDistance learning :
Language classes by telephone
Organizations – Education sector
E-learning, e-coaching, live tutoring solutions. Placement, progress, and achievement tests.
Language classes by telephone

Conception of distance learning modulesConception of distance learning modules
Collaborative development : e-learning, serious games, quizzes, videos
Training Department
Training Organisation
SMESimplify your administrative management of Training and improve your business productivity
Large CompanyChoose a comprehensive and collaborative solution covering the entire training process
Training Centre : Increase your operations profitability and generate more business
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eLAO – Quiz Manager
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